The Woods method of colonic irrigation

What is the Woods method of colonic hydrotherapy?

The Wood’s Gravitational Method is our preferred method of colon hydrotherapy. This method utilises a gravity, closed system, allowing for the most comfort for the client, with no mess or embarrassing odors. The person lies comfortably on a table where a sterilized speculum is gently inserted into the rectum. Water flow, which is always under direct control of the therapist, flows into the colon via a small water tube and out through the evacuation tube carrying with it impacted feces, gas bubbles and mucous. As water flows out of the colon, the therapist gently massages the abdomen to assist the colon’s release. The process is completely professional and takes approximately 45 minutes.

Why gravity and not a machine?

The Woods Method because we believe in the gentle power of gravity.We encourage you to do your own comparison.

The simplicity and ease of gravity

  • The Gravity Method is the original method of Colon Hydrotherapy. You will find that your body is more receptive to the gentle flow of water via natural means.
  • During the session, your colon directs the treatment in unison with the water.
  • Most people, who are new to colonics, feel that the process is much easier and more relaxing than they anticipate.

The Mechanics

  • There is a 22 litre tank of water suspended 3 feet above your body, which will be filled several times during the session.
  • As the water enters your body it will simultaneously exit, thus allowing you to feel an emphasis on the exit rather than the input of water.
  • Your elimination is contained in a closed tube, and you will be covered with a drape sheet for privacy. Your colonic hydrotherapist is trained to support you and help you feel comfortable during the session.

The instrument

  • The instrument, which is lubricated and gently inserted to the rectum, is called a speculum.
  • It is made of stainless steel and it is completely sterilized via a three–step process.
  • Surgical tubing (made of firm rubber material) conveys water into the body, and water and waste out of the body directly into the plumbing. This tubing is changed after each client.

The colonic hydrotherapist

  • Your colonic hydrotherapist will be in tune with your body throughout the treatment via abdominal massage, and a gentle manual pulsing of the tube that carries the water out of your body.
  • We are happy to assist your process and discuss information regarding food combining, vegetable juicing, exercise, and answering any questions you have regarding the work.
  • You will find your colonic hydrotherapist not only to be skilled but also be a fitting example of the lifestyle we share with you. You will see the benefits of the work exemplified by us as soon as you walk through the door.

How the speculums are sterilised

A Three-Step Process

  1. The speculums are scrubbed and rinsed with soap and hot water.
  2. The instruments are soaked in a powerful, disinfecting solution of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.
  3. They are placed into a Medical-Grade autoclave for heat sterilisation at over 350 degrees..

Additional Care:

  • If you have any further questions that were not answered here, you will have an opportunity to address them before your session begins.
  • Remember, it is common to be a bit nervous before your first colonic. Joyce makes the process comfortable, and will set your mind at ease.

It is quite normal to be nervous for your first colonic as you are not quite sure what to expect. Your colonic therapist will talk you through the procedure explaining how it feels. Please be reassured that your dignity and privacy are respected at all times. The colonic takes around 45 minutes, sometimes longer if needed. 

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About Gravity North colon hydrotherapy

Northern Beaches colonic irrigation treatments

Gravity North is a private colon hydrotherapy clinic developed to suit your health and detoxification needs. Using the highly regarded Woods Gravity Colonic System you are guaranteed a colonic like no other. There are only a handful of clinics in Australia who use this particular system, and for good reason – it is the safest, yet most effective method of colon hydrotherapy available.

The Woods Gravity Method of colon cleansing allows for a simultaneous in-out flow of water, which means your colon won’t be filled with water in order to release toxins, instead, Peristalsis (the muscular contractions throughout your digestive tract) is activated, allowing for a natural release, rather than forced.  The gravity method does not use motors or pumps during the colonic treatment. This translates to a comfortable and relaxing, yet effective, treatment. The most important aspect of the gravity method is that it awakens the colon to do the work of elimination without any force. There is no odour or mess, and all waste goes directly to the sewer.

During the colonic procedure one of our certified therapist is with you the entire time, administering the treatment and massaging the abdominal area leaving you to relax and receive your treatment at ease.  During this time we are more than happy to share what we have learned regarding many areas of looking after your body and our understanding of gut health so your body is free of the poisons that are stored in the normal bowel so you can feel better and your body can spend its time healing.

Cost effective

At Gravity North we offer packages of colonics to make your health needs more affordable

Certified therapists

A highly trained, certified therapist will be present during the entire treatment. Certified from the Woods institute in Florida, U.S.A

Nutritional support

We are here to support and encourage you on the path to a healthier lifestyle and look forward to working with you

Safe & painless

There are only a handful of clinics in Australia who use this particular system, and for good reason – it is the safest, yet most effective method of colon hydrotherapy available