Our team

Indiana McCoy

Director, Wood’s Therapy Colonic Hydrotherapist

Anyone who meets Indiana cannot help but feel her joy and love for life.

Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches after graduating from Freshwater High School she decided she wanted to do extend her education into helping people. After spending 6 months traveling throughout Europe, Indi returned home and decided to take herself further helping people by doing disabled care.

It was around this time that her father was diagnosed with a lung disease with no cure so her parents both went on an alternative journey to health. One of the key elements in that process was gut health, specifically learning about what they believe is the best and most gentle method for colon hydrotherapy – the Wood’s Gravity.

Feeling the desire to help people on another level with their health, Indi, along with her mom Kelly trained locally and then, flying to the U.S.A to study under Helen Wood, considered one of the world’s most recognised teachers where they both became certificated by Ms Wood.

Kelly McCoy

Director, Wood’s Therapy Colonic Hydrotherapist

Kelly McCoy has had a love affair with nature, health and “aloha”, the Hawaiian word that means more than hello and goodbye, her whole life.

To understand the word “aloha” you need to understand the essence of HA, the breath of life.  Anything you give, anything you can share, you do so unconditionally expecting nothing in return.

Kelly and her family have always taken the path of healthy living and eating and over the past several years have dug deep into how the body works and how to keep it alive and running at its full potential.

One of the key ingredients to healthy living they believe is regular colon therapy. Such is their belief in CT that both Indiana and Kelly decided they wanted to share the health benefits with others so Kelly and Indi trained locally and then, flying to the U.S.A. to study under Helen Wood, considered one of the world’s most recognised teachers where they both became certificated by Ms Wood.

Kylie Dowling

Senior Practitioner, Wood’s Therapy Colonic Hydrotherapist

Kylie is colon hydrotherapist and clinical nutritionist, lover of real food and mother of 3 who is motivated to help her clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

As Hippocrates said over 2000 years ago “All disease starts in the gut,” and so too does all health.

When studying nutritional medicine Kylie became interested in understanding how our individual gut health is directly connected to our overall health. This knowledge inspired Kylie to begin treating her own gut health in order to address a chronic skin condition. As a result, Kylie discovered the powerful combination of colon hydrotherapy and nutrition and the outstanding improvements in her client’s gut health. She has had great success in improving the health of her own family and many clients with this holistic approach.

Kylie’s philosophy is to help people by supporting and guiding them to understand their body, how it feels when you eat certain foods, and how amazing you can feel when you address underlying gut, inflammation, hormones and other health conditions. By educating you on what real food looks like and strip away the confusion, giving you the skills to enjoy simple delicious food and embrace the most amazing version of yourself.

By teaching you the foundations of the microbiome and provide personalised support we can get you on your gut healing journey.

Michelle Worth

Senior Practitioner, Wood’s Therapy Colonic Hydrotherapist

Michelle is a Naturopath and Colon hydrotherapist, finishing her studies in 2010, she has been immersed in the industry ever since. While in the last 6 months of finishing her degree, Michelle found herself having a keen interest in digestive health, which lead her to train as a Colon Hyrotherapist and specialize in this area.  She is qualified in both the Libbe system and the Woods Gravity North system of Colonic Hydrotherapy.

Over the last 12 years, Michelle has worked in a few different clinics in Melbourne and Sydney, treating hundreds if not thousands of clients, guiding them to place of better digestive and bowel health. Her passion is to educate and help people to understand the importance of what a healthy bowel is, and how this can have a remarkable flow on effect to the rest of your body’s health.

Karissa McKay

Wood’s Therapy Colonic Hydrotherapist

As well as being a food/health coach, Karissa is a wife & mother of 3 beautiful children.
Karissa discovered colonics 25 years ago when suffering from chronic constipation & gut issues before being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Colonics played a major role in relieving the constipation & the other symptoms that went along with it such as fatigue, gas & bloating. Colonics meant that she could once again function normally & begin to thrive.

“It’s very clear that what we put in & on our bodies plays a major role in our long-term health & wellbeing.
My mission is to inspire & help others make positive & meaningful changes to their health in order to function properly & perform their best to reach their full potential.”

About Gravity North colon hydrotherapy

Northern Beaches colonic irrigation treatments

Gravity North is a private colon hydrotherapy clinic developed to suit your health and detoxification needs. Using the highly regarded Woods Gravity Colonic System you are guaranteed a colonic like no other. There are only a handful of clinics in Australia who use this particular system, and for good reason – it is the safest, yet most effective method of colon hydrotherapy available.

The Woods Gravity Method of colon cleansing allows for a simultaneous in-out flow of water, which means your colon won’t be filled with water in order to release toxins, instead, Peristalsis (the muscular contractions throughout your digestive tract) is activated, allowing for a natural release, rather than forced.  The gravity method does not use motors or pumps during the colonic treatment. This translates to a comfortable and relaxing, yet effective, treatment. The most important aspect of the gravity method is that it awakens the colon to do the work of elimination without any force. There is no odour or mess, and all waste goes directly to the sewer.

During the colonic procedure one of our certified therapist is with you the entire time, administering the treatment and massaging the abdominal area leaving you to relax and receive your treatment at ease.  During this time we are more than happy to share what we have learned regarding many areas of looking after your body and our understanding of gut health so your body is free of the poisons that are stored in the normal bowel so you can feel better and your body can spend its time healing.

Cost effective

At Gravity North we offer packages of colonics to make your health needs more affordable

Certified therapists

A highly trained, certified therapist will be present during the entire treatment. Certified from the Woods institute in Florida, U.S.A

Nutritional support

We are here to support and encourage you on the path to a healthier lifestyle and look forward to working with you

Safe & painless

There are only a handful of clinics in Australia who use this particular system, and for good reason – it is the safest, yet most effective method of colon hydrotherapy available